Tuesday notes

This is the right move. Decentralized power. Move power generation and storage to the edge.


I did some remedial reading on chromosomes, gender and sexual identity today, and it’s pretty surprising. I know nothing of biology and chemistry – I’m an electrical engineer – so the fact that Scientific American is publishing articles on the fluidity of gender is a bit of a shock. I’ll have to rethink my irritation about expansion of language to account for those who have more complicated chromosomes than XX and XY.


The conflict in Israel is bad, real bad. The Hamas/Gaza pot boiled over, unsurprisingly. America will get dragged into it, inevitably, and then we will be fighting two proxy wars, one in Ukraine and one in Israel. And this at a time when we arguably have only one branch of government functioning properly, the Executive. SCOTUS and Congress have been taken over by extremists, leaving only the Presidency to steer the ship of state. A fucking football coach is keeping military leadership frozen, fergawdsake.


My travel cold (Cold? COVID? Who the hell knows?) remains an unfortunate fact. I’m a little more functional this morning, but still feel like death warmed over. Clock is ticking; I’ve got to get healthy fast.


The NY times is criticizing Kamala Harris for doing *exactly* what a VP should do. From the Times article:

“But in terms of her own political profile, she has remained a vacuum of negative space, a vessel for supporters and detractors to fill as they choose, not least because she refuses to do so herself.”

A vacuum of negative space” – that’s a particularly negative and asinine way of saying she’s not a grandstander, not chasing headlines, that she’s there to serve, doing whatever the President needs at the time. VPs are supposed to be supportive, contingency players. Team players. The last thing any President needs is a VP staking out ground and identity that media will inevitably spin as conflicting with the boss’s agenda. Can you imagine the headlines if Harris was constantly seeking attention, publicly opining on things that conflict with her boss?

Here’s my take on her. The Left hates her because as a CA prosecutor, she did her job and put a lot of people behind bars for drug offenses. (As a prosecutor, she didn’t have the option of interpreting laws – her job was to enforce them). The Right hates her because she’s black and female. Media doesn’t like her because she’s not an easy interview – she cuts right through the stupid, meandering questions and asks “what’s your point?”. I like her for the job she’s in because she’s wicked smart, she’s experienced and tough, and she’s only 58 (!) years old. She’s perfect insurance for an 80+ year old President.

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