Marketing case study

I have to say, the well-educated but clueless Anheiser Busch marketing VP who decided to make Bud Light “less fratty” has pulled off quite a feat. By misreading her customers, she’s now managed to lose customers on both the right and the left of US culture. Now both liberals and conservatives hate the brand – this’ll be a marketing case study for years on how to NOT do your job. So far Anheiser Busch has lost about $5B in market value due to the fallout. I’m sure she joined the firm to “make a difference”. Mission accomplished.

First the good-ole-boy crowd got really pissed off by the new marketing campaign featuring a trans person on the Bud Light cans. That led to a lot of can shooting and Bud Light renouncement over Twitter, and will probably depress sales of Bud in the Xtian-country-guns segment of America for years to come. And that was Bud Light’s core customer base.

Now the LGBTQ community wants to boycott Anheiser Busch, Bud Light’s parent company, because of their rapid and some say cowardly retreat back to good-ole guns, God, and country marketing. No woke here now, they say. So the original target of the marketing now feel abandoned and betrayed.

I’d sure like to hear her exit interview, and/or her interview for the next job.

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