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Good news today. 🙁 Looks like if you’re male, overweight, and 60+ years old (check, check, and check), a case of Covid gives you a 50% greater risk of Type 2 diabetes. That’s just great – what was second prize? Covid-19, the gift that keeps on giving.

With that in mind I just booked an expensive wine dinner at a new Oceanside restaurant, Valle. They’re having a multi-course Mexican meal (not like any Mexican food you’ve ever seen…this ain’t Robertos) paired with Valle de Guadaloupe wines, in their ocean-view dining room. Take that, Type 2 diabetes! I’m going down swinging.

The Starship launch is back on for Thursday. Fingers crossed…

In other wine news, we just got our new Regusci shipment for the quarter. Their wines have gotten so, so good. One of the best Napa “secrets”.

Finally, this just in from Bizzarro World.

Trump says he will outlaw homelessness and arrest everyone who refuses to comply. He will then give them the option to get out of jail to be relocated to new tent cities elsewhere where he will take care of their needs.

He’s going to put homeless people in concentration camps for non-compliance, whatever that means. He’d have to be a lot smarter to be called stupid.

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  1. Wow! The menu at Valle sounds fabulous. The Pescado uses chayote, a delicious squash, that I’ve just been introduced to. Enjoy!

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