I’m not superstitious, but it *is* Friday the 13th

Sleeping has been weird lately. More time in the rack, less actual sleep. No drinking, that’s not the problem – The Hurt Locker has been closed all week. But today after 10+ hours in bed, I feel like a zombie. Wiped out and sleep deprived, for sure. Physical rest isn’t sleep. Naps help a little, but…gotta figure out what’s wrong here.


I’ve been called Neanderthal a few times. Maybe they were right?

One of the first of many surprises in his research was to find out that the genetic differences between Neanderthals and all modern humans (amounting to about 30,000) are far less than the differences between two random human beings alive today – around 3 million. “Our job is to find out which of those 30,000 are most important, because they tell us what makes us uniquely human,” he says.

At least half of the Neanderthal genome – probably as much as 60 to 70% of it, Pääbo believes – is to be found in living humans. “Which means that in effect Neanderthals are not really extinct at all, they are in us.”

First saw this at Blue Heron Blast. Thanks, Robert.


As if UK playing TN in Knoxville tomorrow isn’t bad enough – we’re likely to get slaughtered; UK is a mess and TN looks very strong – it’s airing at 9am Pacific time. Nothing like a breakfast massacre to start the day off right.


Fedex gaslit me yesterday, or they made an honest mistake that their online systems obfuscate. They sent me about a dozen messages that they tried to deliver a package at 1140am and failed because the homeowner wasn’t present. Well, I was right here and the doorbell didn’t ring. My Ring doorbell/camera has no event at that time, or video. So if they tried, it was at someone else’s house. They say they’ll try again today. My suspicion is that this is just a method to reduce the load of an over-scheduled truck and driver yesterday. No way to know for sure.


The big Trump organization crime family tax fraud case ended today with a penalty of $1.6M levied on the organization for 17 felonies. That’s…disappointing. $1.6M isn’t enough to get their attention or to hurt at all. Once again, Teflon Don slithers away.

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