It’s Thursday again. Seems like that happens every week or so…

I’m writing a rapid turnaround proposal for one of my companies, and I had forgotten how much I like (a) proposal writing, and (b) the initial part of projects, particularly requirements analysis. It’s something I’m good at, and something most people struggle with. So I’ll knock out a detailed 15-20 page proposal for them in just a couple of days. Win for them, win for me.


The news about Biden having two found caches of classified documents is just awful. It completely undermines the push to make Trump accountable for his willful taking of documents. Somehow, Cockroach Don always scuttles away. And Republicans get to have a huge round of their favorite game, what-about-ism.

This news also keeps anyone from focusing on the Republicans’ newest liability, George Santos, liar extraordinaire.


The KY basketball saga just gets worse and worse. Now OT is calling out his teammates publicly for not playing hard enough. That won’t help team chemistry. I lay it on the coach – for $9M+ a year, JC needs to fix this. Yesterday.


I’ll only say this once. I care absolutely nothing about Prince Harry and the shitshow that the UK royal family have become. They’re not news, and I wish the media would stop shoving their lame stories in our face.


Higher education has gone completely off the rails. Otherwise reputable institutions (I’m rethinking that reputable part) have decided to ban the word “field” in descriptions of work, calling it racist.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and the University of Southern California’s school of social work have taken steps to ban the word “field” on official documents, citing racist implications.

In a Monday memo, the University of Southern California’s Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work informed students, faculty, and staff that it would no longer use the word “field” or “field work” from its curriculum and would now use the term “practicum” instead because the word “field” was linked to slavery.

Yeah, “practicum” is really going to catch on. Fergawdsake.


Finally, Jeff Beck’s sudden death really hurts. I’ve been a Jeff Beck fan since college; played some of his music just the other day. He truly was a guitar god. RIP.

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