Great day

What a great day! After 4+ days of keto-induced digestive hell, I feel normal again. Never again shall I eat only meat and cheese. I had a perfectly great digestive system and broke it. And today the menu is pizza! with a UK game. #fuketo.


McSweeney’s accurately describes my prospects of being A Professional Writer.


The Tyre Nichols tragedy (no known relation, but possible somewhere back in the family tree) in Memphis is beyond sad. What possesses a group of people, of policemen, to beat on someone like that? Something very wrong there. I won’t paint all of law enforcement with the same brush, but…something’s gotta change. This wasn’t a drugged up dude or a gang-banger, not that they would deserve what happened. Check out Tyre’s photography website. Basically that traffic stop could have been any of us.


Well, well, well. Turns out that Casey Handmer is now a business partner with my old company, Sempra Energy (SoCalGas is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy). Handmer’s startup company Terraform producing natural gas from atmospheric C02 is the intersection. I hope their prototype system does well. From Casey’s blog post:

Our completed system includes:

  • An industrial-scale 1 MW (5 acre) solar array to concentrate solar energy into usable electricity.
  • An electrolyzer to convert solar electricity directly into hydrogen without inverters or transmission.
  • A CO2 absorption bed to process large volumes of air and filter out the CO2, which can also produce water as a byproduct.
  • A Sabatier reactor to convert locally produced CO2 and hydrogen into pipeline-ready natural gas without intermediate compression or transport. 

The system embodies the essence of cheap solar electrons, consumed at the source. Capital efficiency is favored over electrical efficiency, in service of a cheap and scalable product.

Our waste products are oxygen and water.

Sounds pretty great to me.