Life imitates (bad) art

These days it often feels like we’re living in some strange science fiction or political thriller story. This stuff just can’t be happening. I have that feeling reading the accounts of the FBI’s search of the ex-President’s home and subsequent seizure of unauthorized classified documents. From CNN, here’s a list of what was found:

According to the search warrant receipt, federal agents seized:

  • 1 set of “top secret/SCI” documents
  • 4 sets of “top secret” documents
  • 3 sets of “secret” documents
  • 3 sets of “confidential” documents.

The warrant receipt didn’t detail what such classified documents were about.


That is some serious stuff – mishandling TS/SCI classified info will get any normal US citizen hard time in a prison, years of it. We’ll see if any of this sticks to Teflon Don.


In other news, the beating and stabbing of Salman Rushdie onstage at an author event in New York is sad. Rushdie is a great author and had the courage to stand up to Muslim extremists, the Arab world’s version of MAGA extremists. It seems one of them finally caught up with him.


I’m worried that something is seriously wrong in my friend Robert Sommer’s life, as he hasn’t posted anything to his blog in two weeks. Robert is a prolific blogger and a bit of a polymath. I wish him well, whatever is keeping him away.


McSweeney’s has totally captured my grill and smoker vibe. Hate to say it, but that guy is a lot like me.


Texas politicians range from evil to despicable to crazy. From one of the crazies, “God wrote the Constitution”. So much for the Amendments….

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