Weather, sports, politics, and science – all in one post

Maybe it’s me. Louisville was scheduled for biblical rain yesterday, and then nothing. Not a drop. If the drought follows me here, I give up. Time to move to a Hawaiian rain forest and really test the superpower.

I’m counting the minutes until the UK game tonight. I know the first couple of games won’t mean much, but even so…it’ll be exciting to see them on the court. If this is any indication, then wow!

In political news, I’m really enjoying the comments and tweets from the MAGA crowd after the FBI’s search of Mar a Lago. They’re shocked, shocked I say, that anyone would dare encroach upon King Rat Trump. All of a sudden government official controls on sensitive documents isn’t as important as, say, 2016 during the “lock her up” era. They’re kind of missing the point that no one is above the law, including ex-Presidents. In MAGA world, laws are for the little people. And the non-white folks.

Alright, this is depressing. The next zoonotic virus from China is loose, a Level 4 contagion, no less. I don’t think the world can take another pandemic. Stay away from shrews.

Finally, in science news, we’ve successfully profiled the Strong Force (how can the headline not be “The Force is strong with this one…”?). This is a big deal and helps physicists and cosmologists understand the basic building blocks of reality. Gravity, you’re up next.

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