Eastern KY news and blues

It’s 630am eastern US time, and I’m desperate to focus on something other than my Dad’s fight to stay alive. There was a lot of drama this weekend – some related to his move back to a hybrid assisted living / hospice situation, and some related to brothers traveling on KY highways and getting stuck for hours behind wrecks.

Dad spent five days in the COVID ward, a situation I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Alone, very sick, with a doctor visiting once per day and absolutely minimal contact with nursing staff. Seeing how the hospital runs the ward was eye-opening. It’s practical and logical – minimizing contact with sick, coughing patients – but it’s a tough situation for the patients. They’re alone staring at the ceiling 23 hours per day. Dad was too sick to talk on the phone, and didn’t have his hearing aids. So, isolation. I understand the how and why of his situation, but there’s got to be a better way.

All that said, his hospital stay did allow him to build a little strength back and stabilize some of his vital signs. His discharge doesn’t mean he’s less ill, it just means that the hospital MD says there’s nothing else they can do to help him. Hospice care starts today, and I hope they can make his remaining time more comfortable.

One moral of the story – if you don’t have a living will and end-of-life directives, get it done ASAP. This isn’t something you want people guessing about in a time of stress.

But on to other subjects. The most interesting thing in the news lately is that the “failed” Presidency of Joe Biden has turned out to be the most successful in decades in terms of passing legislation that helps people. The latest rabbit-from-hat trick of passing a slimmed-down climate and healthcare bill is simply amazing. All told, in two years Biden has gotten more done than any President in the last 50 years. While I’m not in favor of Biden running again in 2024, he’s done extremely well in his first two years. Good for us, and good for him.

Another notable thing squarely in my sight is the binary nature of water in the US. As a resident of the west and the midwest, the different couldn’t be more obvious. It’s getting wetter east of the Rockies (more hot humid weather, more rainfall), and getting much drier west of the Rockies. Two Americas. Rainfall here in KY is intense this summer, with long-term trends showing more and more extreme weather including more precipitation. And the exact opposite in southern CA. It’s fascinating, but long-term terrifying. I fully expect to see giant pipeline projects running across the Rockies to bring eastern water to the west. And dozens of desal plants to bring water in from the ocean. That’s a 50-year project that should start now, but won’t start until enough people die or are disposessed.

Last but not least, UK plays it’s first exhibition hoops game in two days, in the Bahamas August 10th. I can’t wait!

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