Tribes and the circus

This is just depressing. I thought the headline was interesting, but the more I read the more I realize how many people have grabbed onto “MAGA” as their new religion. Not just politics, but religion. A concept/cult/lifestyle/movement they believe and take joy in.

It *is* interesting that there’s no equivalent on the liberal side of things. We generally don’t put our leaders on a pedestal or T-shirts. We don’t stick to the talking points (e.g. “ˇTrump won”) and deflect any information that might contradict the party’s belief system. And we definitely don’t have the professional branding and meme-generating machine that conservatives have. The conservative movement seems to love a circus, and the liberal movement…not so much.

The fact that these folks pay to go to conferences and wallow in the hard-core conservative political mud is the depressing part. They love the movement, the same way I love UK basketball. That tells me we’re NEVER going to win them over to a more moderate point of view – they’re just too invested in the MAGA cult. It has become a lifestyle, deeply ingrained in every aspect of their identity.

I’m not sure where else to go with this. People will be people, and tribal behavior is inevitable. I suppose we’re witnessing the formation of a new, well-funded tribe that likes to get together and make a lot of noise.

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