Hell and politics

The Hell’s Kitchen visit last night was good. Small-ish restaurant, inside a casino. Service was excellent, food was excellent, not a lot of menu choices, and it was rather expensive. When I look at it overall, it seems designed to maximize profit. I mean sure, all restaurants want to make a profit, but every little touch here was something that enhanced profitability. No bread served. All menu items in a category (starters, salads, main courses) approximately the same (rather high) price. Small portions for the salads and starters. One dessert choice. Wine prices at about 3X retail. And I’m betting young, just-starting-out cooks and chefs who aren’t as expensive as more experienced staff. Chef Gordon Ramsay has designed a money-making machine. All that said, it was a really nice meal.

News came out yesterday that Sen. Ron Johnson of WI tried to hand VP Pence a false slate of electors only minutes before the official vote counting. I find this particularly egregious – pretty much direct treason. He should be in jail, this minute, if it’s true. Hell, based on what I’ve read of Johnson he should be in jail on general principles. These guys are so used to committing crimes in plain sight, they think they can gaslight everyone and just move on. Here’s what Heather Cox Richardson reported yesterday:

Striding quickly past reporters today, Johnson told CNN’s chief congressional correspondent Manu Raju that he had “no idea” who asked him to share the fake electors with Pence. He said he had “no involvement” in the attempt to provide fake electors to overturn the legitimate outcome of the 2020 election and claimed he didn’t know who handed his office the envelope that was supposed to go to Pence. It was, he said, “some staff intern” who handed another staff member the envelope. When asked if he would try to find out, he said, “No. No, because there’s no conspiracy here. This is a complete non-story, guys. Complete non-story.”

Complete non-story, huh? Not for me, and I hope not for many others. These assholes committed crimes trying to keep their crime boss Trump in power. They need to pay.

In other news, evangelicals have daddy issues. They just want a strong male authority figure to take care of them. Poor snowflakes.

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