Sunday trivia

Well, I’m not happy about this. Not a fan of Sapporo, and I’ve always liked Stone’s IPAs. So much for San Diego being a craft beer leader.

This Onion headline isn’t far from true: “Supreme Court Votes 5-4 To Reclassify Women As Service Animals“.

Very interesting perspective here.

The most surprising thing is that you wouldn’t let anyone steal your property, but you consistently let people steal your time, which is infinitely more valuable.

New worlds

Today my brother and sister-in-law fly off to a new life two thousand miles away. They quit their jobs, sold their house, sold their cars, packed/shipped their stuff and today fly from San Diego to their new location in Louisville KY. Costs of housing and living are the big reasons – they’re joining the thousands of people each month leaving California. We’ll miss seeing them in Socal, but we’ll see them in KY.

Meanwhile, the Roe v Wade demise is starting to sink in with folks. I hope that people realize that this is just the first step in the conservative/evangelical push to make sure that every person in the US abides by their rules. That’s the whole problem with this – it’s OK to be a white evangelical and have specific, strict beliefs and practices. Good for you; I’m happy for you. Or an Orthodox Jew. Or a Buddhist. But when you decide to impose your belief system on me, it’s not OK. Particularly if your belief system includes taking control of my (your) body, in any circumstance.

Every woman in America, every gay person in America, every non-white person in America, make no mistake – they’re coming for you and your rights. So get out there and vote.