Fires and finances

The Dow has dropped 10% in just six days – yikes! It’s hard to stand pat and think long term about your investments after a week like this. And crypto is crashing…gee, imagine that. The music has stopped and lots of crypto players without a chair.

My satisfaction with KLM continues to rise. I went back to their website, finished my flight booking easily and with no surprises (e.g., no extra charges to select a seat). United and BA should take a lesson.

We had a spate of wildfires in Socal yesterday. A small one close to us and a couple of larger fires within 100 miles. It’s that time of year (actually, it’s always that time of year lately), and the current mega-drought has consequences. No moisture, lots of heat, and off we go. I’ve done everything I know to do to prepare our property except cut some big trees close to the house, but cutting those down would mean a fast trip to divorce court. So fingers crossed.

Here’s what a fire close to your home can look like – photo taken during the 2003 fires in my old Scripps Ranch neighborhood. Flames 100+ feet high racing up a hill toward our street at this point. It’s not something you’ll ever forget.