Napa, day 2.5

Ahhh, Napa. So much of a good thing. We had a great Fathers Day here, with a members-only event at Quintessa, a short but fun stop at Reguschi, and an evening meal at Compline.

Working backwards, the meal at Compline wasn’t up to expectations. Their duck fat fries were some of the best ever – absolutely perfect. But service was slow, and K’s scallops were overcooked and mostly missing. To top it off, we encountered a service charge of 15%. Not the tip, but an unadvertised surcharge for “the back of house” – the cooks, dishwashers, etc. So it’s basically an unadvertised 15% increase in menu prices that you don’t see until it’s too late. A terrible idea that I hope runs its course quickly.

The main event, the Solstice/Father’s Day event at Quintessa, was perfect. Wouldn’t change a thing. Beautiful setting, great little social hour before the meal, and then a Michelin-class meal alongside Quintessa wines, in their oh-so-cool production cellar.

At the social hour before the meal, we were served by a mobile caviar waitress, something I hadn’t seen before. That plus superb fresh oysters, micro-lobster rolls and crisp Quintessa sauvignon blanc – elegant and tasty. Then there was the guy playing an electric cello – he specialized in classic rock smoothed out for the cello. Amazing

The meal itself was just as elegant and enjoyable as the prix event. Here’s a shot of one table next to a Quintessa aging “egg”.

I’ll write up the Reguschi stop separately. Didn’t take any pictures there; was just taking in the ambiance.

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