End of an era

I didn’t publish anything this morning because I decided to attend an 8am Board meeting in person for a change. It’s been over two years (!?!?) since I was last at the 211 San Diego HQ for a meeting, so this was a big change. The traffic between home and there at 7am wasn’t as bad as I feared, and being there in person again was great. Most of the Board was still remote/online, but given that I’m OK with air travel risks, it makes sense for me to begin to take certain meetings in person. We had 3-4 of us in the facility – it’s a start.

I’m coming to the end of my term on the 211 SD Board as of December 2022, and I’m pretty sad about that. The end of a personal era. Serving 211 and the community the last ten years has been a real honor, something that I’m proud of doing. I get to collaborate with a wonderful, talented group of people, and grow/sustain an organization that does so much good for the people of San Diego – the people who need help most. I’m now thinking about ways to serve within or adjacent to 211 SD other than being a Board member.

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