Sorry, but more guns. I mentioned that I wasn’t letting go of this issue anytime soon. Anyone who thinks the Republicans are coming to the negotiating table to discuss gun control is kidding themselves. This is what happens when a Republican congresscritter says he’s open to more gun regulation. Rejection. Exorcism. This is a hard line that can’t be crossed in the Republican Gun party.

McSweeney’s has a great summary of the Republican position on protecting children in the classroom.

Here’s a great, long list of books on the craft of writing. I own a few of them, and should take their advice more often.

A longtime friend introduced me to Semantle, and it’s driving me nuts (thanks, G). I’ve only completed the puzzle twice in a week. I find the hints not very helpful, even misleading, and it feels completely random when I guess a word that is semantically close to the answer. I know there’s an algorithm driving this, but for the life of me I can’t reverse engineer it to get better at the game.

I think I have to visit this. The Integraton.

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