Random notes, Sunday morning

This is a movie I’m excited to see: Three Thousand Years of Longing.

The Aventon e-bikes continue to deliver fun and exercise. We’ve been out on them every day, in hot weather in which we would normally just avoid being outside. Getting out of the house and moving has to be good for us. A morning spent biking around Anchorage, gawking at the giant estates, was great fun. As was the IPA and elk chili afterward at The Anchor Bar.

There are a lot of reports lately that Vladimir Putin is ill, very ill. I can’t say I’m broken up about that. Perhaps the Ukraine war will have a sudden surprise ending.

And I watched a bit of the PGA Championship this weekend. Great players, a tremendously hard course, and the walking wounded Tiger Woods. He looks world-class fit, but the pain when he walks and swings is so evident – his right leg isn’t up to the task. It’s hard to watch. He definitely has will power, but no amount of will power will allow him to play through the kind of pain he seems to be experiencing. It’s a tough end to a legendary career and a weird, tragic life story.

Just announced, Kentucky plays UCLA this winter in the CBS Classic on December 17. Hope springs eternal.

In investing, sometimes you win big and sometimes you lose big. Why do people think that past performance guarantees future performance? Cathie Wood and Ark Innovation ETF are learning that lesson right now. And Warren Buffet is still the king.

Latest additions to this week’s foodie list: The Anchor Bar, Chik n Mi, Barn8, Ciao, and CostCo. Yes, Costco – their deli spinach salad with all the fixings is really, really good.

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