This is a nightmare, something out of a Kafka story. I’ve seen this shunning dynamic in action lately, and it’s ugly. There’s no empathy, no room for thoughtful discussion of one’s actions, no sympathy and no forgiveness. Once accused, the unfortunate person (99% men) can lose everything.

Of course there are sexual predators in the workplace, and they should be dealt with decisively once revealed. But that wasn’t the case with David Sabbatini – he was just a guy who had a consensual relationship with someone else in the company. How many people in America have met their mate in the workplace – I would guess millions. But no more, if the workplace Puritans have their way. In Sabbatini’s government-funded and university-driven culture, accusation=truth, there is no due process, and once accused, you’re done.

And in other crummy news, this sure didn’t take long. Oklahoma just passed a ban on abortions effective at the moment of conception. Next it’ll be effective on the first kiss or the first lustful thought, I suppose. So now a fertilized egg has more rights than an adult woman. And for extra fun, OK has adopted Texas’ plan to deputize the population and offer bounties for anyone turning in those who participate or assist, in any way, in a woman getting an abortion. That should make for some interesting neighborhood pot lucks.

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