Middle of May Monday

After two days and 25 miles, we like the new e-bikes a lot. Great way to see the area – so far we’ve ridden the riverfront park and Cherokee Park. Two parks down and at least 20 more to go. Louisville’s park system is pretty great.

The Supreme Court today reinforced the idea behind Citizens United, that corporations have the same free speech rights as individuals and cannot be limited as to their donations to candidates. Basically, public offices are now a very, very lucrative gig – more than ever. Bribes to elected officials are now pretty much legal.

And now Sweden plus Finland are joining NATO. I don’t imagine this was the outcome Putin wanted. Russia versus the civilized world.

And another grand jury has convened to investigate TFG, this time for the possibility that he stole classified documents for personal profit. In any other time, this would be the story of the decade. (It still should be, but who the hell knows why certain stories get traction and others don’t.) The investigation is gaining steam, and who knows, this might be the one that leads to a conviction of TFG for something, anything. Yeah, and unicorns.