Saturday morning coffee

Here’s a great article on cryptocurrency and why it’s a terrible idea. My favorite quote:

This is a virus. Its harms are substantial. It has enabled billion dollar criminal enterprises. It has enabled venture capitalists to do securities fraud as their business. It has sucked people in. So either avoid it or help me make it die in a fire.

Yeah, what he said.

We’re looking at buying some e-bikes for the KY place. Here’s the front runner – an Aventon folding bike. We won’t pay for them via cryptocurrency.

At least the Russians are doing something useful in their war in Ukraine. They’re proving that private, encrypted comms links are better than cell phones in wartime scenarios. Your cell phone – a tracking device that allows you to make a phone call.

Christopher Walken would definitely be in my top 10 nominations for Emperor of the Universe. And for Dune part 2, he got the job.

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