Embrace your mistakes

We made it to Louisville yesterday after a shorter-than-expected flight to Chicago and then a longer-than-expected flight from Chicago to Louisville. That 45 minute flight turned into a 2.5 hour flight due to a very long wait on the runway after pushback. No explanation, just a hot wait. Upon arrival, a sublime dry-aged cheese burger from Red Hog made the travel day worth it.

A CA congresscritter (John Cardenas, Democrat) is being called out for paying his wife $424K of campaign funds for “wellness support” or somesuch BS. Campaign funds have become slush funds for politicians and their families – it’s corruption, pure and simple. Should be a crime.

Missouri decides to compete with Texas and Florida to become the dumbest state in the nation by passing a law forbidding pharmacists to dispute the efficacy of ivermectin against COVID. The Daily Beast’s tagline is classic: “Beating a Dead Horse”.

Heart of Darkness: Astronomers have published the first image of the massive black hole at the center of our galaxy. Turns out that most galaxies (all?) have a similar black hole center. That actually makes sense – given a black hole’s massive gravity well, it makes sense that over billions of years stars would cluster around them, forming galaxies.

As much as I love Kentucky, I really despise KY’s US Senators. Here’s what the execrable Rand Paul is spending his time on lately.

And after all that shitty news, a joke is needed. “I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes… so she hugged me.”

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