Humpday notes

McSweeney’s has a good take on Florida’s ridiculous cancellation of over 50 mathematics books. Here’s a sample:

Calculus: We stand firmly against any field of mathematics that requires integration.

Multiplication: We believe only certain numbers should be allowed to multiply with one another.


CNN has a pretty interesting story about the Federal judge who ruled that the airline mask mandate is unlawful. She was pulled out of the pack and given a lifetime appointment by Trump, labelled unqualified for the job by the American Bar Association, and is married to a MAGA diehard. And now she’s made history.


I’m generally a healthy person, but one malady has made an unwelcome appearance in my life again – sciatica. I’ve lost a few days lately to extended bouts of pain, and pain like that changes you. It takes the joy out of daily living, to the point that all you really want to do is knock yourself out with one drug or another and hope the next day is better. I’ve had two people tell me that yoga is the answer to sciatica, and I’m thinking about it. I would try pretty much anything to be rid of this occasional life-wrecker.


Greenland has something interesting in common with Europa. Who knew? I sure hope we go explore Europa soon – we might get the answer to “is there life elsewhere?” by visiting Jupiter’s moon. I mean, I know the answer (of course there is), but it would be nice to have proof.

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