Humor for the day: Just once, I want a username and password prompt to say, “close enough…”

Big heat wave coming the next few days. Afternoon temps going up 20-25 degrees during a strong Santa Ana – it’ll be close to 100F here on Thursday and Friday. I suppose spring is over.


When I read articles like this, I realize that (a) digital cameras are really complicated and I’m not sure I want to be an expert at this depth, and (b) this kind of technical trivia has almost zero to do with being a good photographer. It’s interesting, but only really useful if I want to be a camera designer or a writer for DPR.


We’ve spent a lot of time lately updating our family trust, will, powers of attorney, etc. I think we’re finished, and I hope to get back to doing something more enjoyable, e.g. a tooth extraction or a five-day fast. Just sayin’…


On that thought, I realize I’ve pretty much quit playing golf, and I don’t know why. It’s good for me, gets me moving and outdoors, but lately I haven’t gotten the itch. It’s consistent with my general unexplained lassitude these days. Sounds like a good place to start and get my ass off the couch recliner and up moving around. Fore!

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