Monday musings

For the first time in memory I won’t be watching the Final Four next weekend. It’s an absolute worst case scenario for Kentucky fans. IMHO there are four teams that are considered elite in college hoops – Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke and Kansas. Guess who’s missing from the party next weekend? I’ll go play golf instead.


I didn’t see it live, but apparently Will Smith lost his mind at the Oscars last night. And then won an Oscar. Go figure.


Today’s Wordle was awful. One of those words with a dozen replacements for one letter, all making valid words. I was lucky that I found the answer quickly.


We’re missing a big rainstorm in Socal today, and I’m sorry to miss it. I enjoy seeing the parched vegetation get a good soaking. We’ll see the aftermath tomorrow, though.


Here’s the trip to take immediately if you get a really bad test result from your oncologist. Go big before you go home.

2 thoughts on “Monday musings

    • You might have seen my review…it was good but not great. I’ll admit I’m a steak snob, so I’m pretty tough on places that bill themselves as steakhouses. The service and ambiance were first class. If you ever go I’d try the Waygu burger at a much more reasonable $21. That’s what I’ll have if/when I return.


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