It’s Pi Day and National Napping Day. I’m all in for both.

The war in Ukraine continues unabated, throwing a lot of uncertainty into the world for the foreseeable future. I have a lot of trouble seeing what’s really in it for Putin and the Russian ruling class – right now they’re taking a beating militarily, reputation-wise and economically. What’s the endgame that makes all that worth it? Is it simply a wealthy old man’s ego, or…?

As real-world events unfold, I’m reading an absolutely terrifying book about how WW3 breaks out. It involves the US, Russia and China, where China is the aggressor and Russia plays an enabling role against the US. It’s terrifying because the authors are tech and military experts and the scenarios they use to show how things start and escalate are plausible. If you’re a Tom Clancy fan and don’t mind the additional (almost post-COVID) stress of reading about the end of the world via war, read Ghost Fleet. Yikes.

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