A Saturday morning in March

What is it with Russian oligarchs and yachts? I suppose Freud was right after all.


A possible relative of mine has it right on the oil companies. Windfall profits, indeed.


Last night’s Cats victory over Vanderbilt was great to watch. Another team victory with players coming off the bench to pick up any slack needed. Pippen Jr. flopped like crazy, but it wasn’t enough. I hope I never have to watch him play again. Today we get to try our luck skill against a strong U of Tennessee team. Go Cats!


We’re going whale watching today as part of my sister-in-law’s birthday weekend (Happy Birthday, Deeanne!). I hope the whales and dolphins got the message – come on out and play. Weather looks good.


Proving once again that there is no bottom, my least favorite Senator decides that school children should have to pay up or go hungry. Words fail me.


The more I read about Ukraine, the more it seems to resemble the United States in terms of their land, their people and their spirit. (OK, our spirit before things got weird and divided here.) Here’s a beautiful picture of Ukraine just before the war, found on Letters From An American.

[Photo by Nadia Povalinska]

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