Peak Lawyer

Lawyers. My life is full of lawyers lately. My own lawyer helping me fight the cretins who installed our fire protection system. Lawyers representing my nonprofit helping us with an M&A-like transaction (that one’s actually fun). Lawyers helping my for-profit company deal with an unfortunate personnel situation. And a lawyer hounding me to finish our updated family trust. It’s all a bit too much. I can only hope that I’ve reached Peak Lawyer at this point in my life and things will get less complicated soon.


Kentucky plays Vanderbilt in the SEC tournament tonight. Really looking forward to that. I don’t know why, but I have a strong dislike of Vandy’s coach (Jerry Stackhouse) and their prima donna star, Scottie Pippen Jr. It will be fun beating those weasels.


After a solid run of 2-guess and 3-guess Wordle puzzles, today’s took me six guesses. Part of the problem was that there were about six possible words with four letters known. So you just start cycling through the letters and hope you randomly get the right one. At that point it’s not an IQ test, it’s rolling dice.


This BBC video from Ukraine is pretty grim. War is simply insanity. We build cities and civilization, and then we tear it down.

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