Last night

Both big events last night delivered. The UK game was enjoyable, other than a couple of ludicrous charging/blocking fouls called, both against us. But the Senior Night vibe was great, and both Grady and Mintz did themselves proud. A good win, and an undefeated season on the home court.

The SOTU was also good. Biden had a couple of speaking gaffes, but his message was strong, positive and clear. It’s amazing that people think he’s doing a bad job – it has to be the constant messaging over conservative channels. Most jobs ever created in a year, biggest one-year deficit reduction ever. A strengthened US reputation abroad. Billions of dollars lined up to spend on US infrastructure. We are in so much better shape than we were a year ago. And yet people won’t give his administration any credit.

It was especially nice to hear Biden call out the idiotic “Defund the Police” slogan of some misguided liberals. That slogan has done so much damage to liberal causes – it deserves to be ridiculed and denounced. His distancing won’t help much, but it’s a start.

The big question I was left with is “who was that white-haired woman in front of Biden on his way in and out of the chamber?” She was stuck to him like glue, but I have a hard time believing she is Secret Service. So who is she?

In other news, it looks like we’ll get some rain again Friday. Unexpected and very welcome.

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