Rainy day and blues

Off to Ashland to see my Dad on a rainy day. I enjoyed listening to the rain and thunder last night, and I should get more of that fun today as I drive. Amazing how great precipitation is when you don’t get any. (Substitute almost any noun for precipitation.)

My cousin’s family had a tragedy a couple of days ago; his mother-in-law died of a heart attack at age 70. My heart goes out to them – all I could think to do was drop off a card and a big pan of Lotsa Pasta lasagna. Nothing says “we care” like a hot meal.

And…it looks like Dear Leader Putin has carved off a nice piece of the Ukraine and some idiot journalists are trying to decide if that qualifies as “an invasion”. I wonder if they’d be parsing words if Mexico occupied Texas with weapons and moved the border. A meaningful side effect of Russia’s move is that the US stock market is going to take another dump today. I won’t dare to look at my equity accounts for quite a while after this.

Just noticed it’s an auspicious date today, 2/22/22. Popular media has a name for this: Twosday. So Happy Twosday.

If you like the blues, this is worth a listen. Buffalo Nichols. Distant relative, perhaps.

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