The Dude Abides

Yesterday was a beautiful day, but I felt like crap so I stayed in and rested most of the day. Some combination of travel fatigue and extra spicy Thai food Saturday evening caught up with me.

Today I feel much better but I wake up to news that the Russia invasion of Ukraine is imminent. I sure hope not, though stopping the expansion of Russia does seem to be something both US political parties can agree on.

While resting yesterday I watched a lot of Homeland season 6, and wow, I had forgotten how much of that show mirrored recent reality. It was aired in 2017, meaning it was written in 2016. It featured an ultra-aggressive right-wing popular media voice, attacking a Presidential candidate by attacking her child, secretive bot-powered social media disinformation factories and a sharp fracturing of the American electorate. Sound familiar? Either those writers were genius-level prescient or they manufactured the scripts in real time as these same events happened in real-world 2016. And 2020, in fact.

But fortunately for all of us here in 2022, we have future leaders getting ready to take power in our troubled world (below).

The Dude Abides

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