All about today

Today is an interesting day. A date palindrome, 2-2-22. And it’s Groundhog Day, a long-celebrated (since 1887!) random weather predictor circus. According to Phil the rodent, we’ll have another six weeks of winter ahead.

Today the COVID positivity indices for both Louisville and Cabo fell a little, but not a lot. Watching it daily, and slowly getting a little closer to saying “let’s go”.

Today we have a Kentucky hoops game to look forward to, against Vanderbilt this evening. If the same Cats show up as they did for Kansas, Vandy is in for an ass kicking. One can hope.

Today is another hazy, cool, and dry high-desert kind of day in Socal – one of my least favorites. It appears my part of Socal has shifted from a Mediterranean climate, in which we get (got) a decent amount of rain during a couple of months each year, to a true high-desert climate with a cool dry winter. If that continues, we’ll have large changes in plant life and big (bigger) water problems.

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