Loose ends

Hello, February! Starting the month by tying up some loose ends from January.

First, I did go ahead and invest in an ExpressVPN account. Using it now, in fact. So far the only downside is that about every 30 minutes Google makes me prove that I’m not a bot with some inane “select all the crosswalks” puzzle. They’ll work themselves right out of being my default search engine if this persists.

Next, I’m making some tentative reservations for Cabo. Baja COVID stats are trending down fast the last two days and I’m more optimistic about going. One more downward trend day and I think we’re good. Los Tres Gallos and The Wine Bar, here we come.

Next, I decided to become a patron of Louisville’s summer creative conference, Imaginarium. It happens on my birthday weekend this year, and while I’m not 100% sure I’ll be there, it seems like a good idea at the moment. And a good cause. In return for my small donation they published a cool logo for me on their site:

Finally, I spent hours the last two days wading through credit card statements, identifying the business expenses for last year’s consulting work and rental property management. A dull task, made better by some decent wine (Daou Cab, at the end of yesterday’s sorting session) and some Khraungbin in the background. All done now and ready to file taxes.

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