Roll the dice

We have two places we want to go in February – our annual week on the beach in Cabo, and to Louisville to see the family.

I’m tracking COVID stats in both places, and it’s not looking good. Louisville is reporting about 2000 new cases each day, and Cabo about 1500 per day. That’s as compared to about 30 per day when we visited Cabo in early December. A 50X increase!

While we’re vaxxed and boosted, it doesn’t make much sense to fly into a hot spot with that kind of positivity rate. The numbers I cite are only the positive tests recorded in each place – who knows how many people are sick but haven’t gotten tested or treated. Especially in Cabo.

Have to make the Cabo final decision in about a week, so there’s not much time for the trends to reverse. The case incident curves for both places went straight up at approximately Christmas 2021, and haven’t started to trend back down yet.

We’ve hunkered down here in Socal since that early December Cabo trip, and it’s getting old. I for one am anxious to start traveling again after a two month hiatus. But not yet anxious enough to say “fuck it, let’s roll the dice”. Maybe in another 30 days…

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