So 2019

I have to actually go to work today. Can’t say I’m happy about that. Have to shower and shave, get dressed in something other than a T-shirt or sweatshirt, drive to a building 45 minutes away and meet in person with other people. It’s so…primitive, so 2019. Thank god I’m retired and this only happens once in a great while.

I got a nice surprise from my friend Jon yesterday. He received trophies for our golf tourney win last fall, trophies I didn’t even know we would get. Looking forward to getting mine to display at home, pictured below. (For those not acquainted with golf, a golf tournament is organized into flights, where each flight contains golfers of approximately the same skill level, as measured by your US Golf Association handicap.)

2021 wasn’t a total loss

I’m gradually getting back in the saddle on my writing project after a week+ of work distraction and illness. I have about half the word count I wanted by this date. But I like where the story is going. That said, Act 2 is hard to write. I’ve known how the things begins and ends forever, but filling in the middle with good plot, good pacing and good character arcs is just tough. Maybe it’ll get easier if I just finish this first one.

This is pretty interesting. I worked on projects like this back in the 80s, writing simulations of satellite warfare and actual algorithms for detection of satellites approaching one another with ill intent. Forty years later, it’s happening. I think the next 40 years will see Earth’s orbital space become the new center of military conflict. The high ground, and all that.