A win is a win

Tonight’s UK vs. TX A&M game just about did me in. Way too close for comfort, and Kathryn thinks I’m insane for the angst/cheering/shouting on my part. Being a real fan is tough.

We didn’t lead until late in the second half. In 5-10 years, I probably won’t be able to watch a game like this without emergency intervention.

Favorite obsessions

One of the best things happening in my little life these days is the resurgence of a strong, winning and fun to watch UK basketball team. I love this analysis, found on A Sea of Blue, describing one of the big reasons for our recent success. Mr. Vinsel makes a strong case.

I’ll be watching the game tonight against TX A&M with my UK shirt and hat on.

Meanwhile, I’m still recovering from the last episode of The Expanse on Amazon. And by last, I mean “no more episodes”, hard withdrawal, full stop it’s over. Tragic. I started watching The Expanse in late 2019 with my buddy Jon Sessions, killing time in the evenings during our annual golf tournament. I was quickly hooked. Then it kept me occupied during that awful December and January in 2020 when we moved Dad and Phyllis into assisted living, after getting Dad out of the hospital and removing tons of clutter from their home. Since then I’ve read all the books (they’re spectacular), and watched the TV episodes as slowly as I could. The TV series is outstanding by itself – but if you’ve read the books, it’s 10X better. Back story, detail and context make a big difference. But it’s over for now, though I hold out hope that there will be a big-budget Expanse movie or two, picking up in Book 7 or so where the TV series left off. Call it nerd optimism.