Hunkered down with hobbies

In a different world, without COVID/Omicron, we would be on a flight from LAX to Buenos Aires today, being pampered in business class. But we live in this world, rapidly shutting down as we wearily weather another pandemic variant. So no South America for now.

As for plan B, which was to travel to see the grandkids after cancelling the international trip, also no bueno. My contacts in KY advise me that it’s not smart to drop in there anytime soon, as they have a massive Omicron surge. Very high local positivity rate, in the 20% range. Hospitals full, but infected patients not generally dying like they did in previous waves. So I think we’re hunkered down in Socal for the month. Not the way I hoped to start 2022.

On the positive side, writing is going well. Once I set aside the frustration at throwing away most of the 75,000 words I had written in first-second-third 2020-2021 drafts, I’m happy recreating the book in a new structure. I’m actually writing faster and with more purpose this time. On this pace and process I could see myself finishing two books per year, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Finish this one.

Also, I meet with a local semi-pro photographer today to learn a few things. I’m not happy with the pictures I’m getting from the new gear. For example, here’s one where the hummingbird colors should pop, but they’re subdued. Is it the lighting, or the camera sensor settings? Or does the colorful feeder somehow bias the sensor’s color pickup and make the bird’s colors less vivid?

I’m thinking the lighting, as the sun was bright and coming in from the top left. The front of the hummer was essentially in shadow.

I’m also having some focus issues. Lots to talk to the guru about.

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