A trivial day

Good, relaxing day today. Spent some time reading my new Moon encyclopedia – a nice Christmas present from K. Maybe it’ll inspire me to restart and finish my Moon novel. Ate the last of the holiday ham and took a nap. Spent some time editing my Storyworth book, a last-year present from Emily that’s come to fruition now. At 175 pages, it’s become quite the autobiography. And now I’m getting ready for the UK SEC home-opener against Missouri this afternoon. Can’t wait for that.

These 3-4 end of year days, plus January 1st, are always a nice period. We are seldom busy in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Time to reflect back on things, time to look ahead to the coming year.

Looking ahead to the New Year, it looks a lot like 2021. COVID complications. Climate change challenges. Ongoing political complications from the Trump years. Some good choices for how to spend my time. Nothing urgent other than making some lifestyle changes. So it could be worse – it could be 2020.

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