It finally feels like the holiday season – it’s been a relaxing couple of days. Played golf yesterday with three good friends, had some drinks afterward and laughed harder than I can remember. Funny guys; great guys.

Today we sent the wire that paid off the house, seventeen years after purchase. Pretty interesting feeling, having this place with no mortgage. Lighter, somehow.

Finished Xmas shopping, at least I think I’m finished. Amazon lets me shop in fits and starts, pretty much when I’m in the mood. But I think I’ve covered all the people I should.

And finished some financial work for 211SD that needed doing before year’s end. That always feels good. Right now I’m having some Woodford and listening to random people cover BOC’s Then Came the Last Days of May, via Youtube. I think my fave is a guy named David Gibson (born to be a guitarist, that one). Turns out I’m not the only person who loves that song. It’s been in my head for a couple of weeks now.

Talked to an old friend at Sempra today who’s retiring soon, and let her know that life on the other side of full time work is good. Actually, great. I told her that while working full time, I defined myself and my worth via the job. After retirement, things changed. My identity and self-value are no longer tied up by a job and an organization that could care less about me. It’s more about enjoying each day and doing the right thing (a right thing?) as I consider each situation. Taking time to be thoughtful, or creative, or to be lazy, is wonderful.

Sent a couple of pictures to Robert at Blue Heron Blast for inclusion in his blog’s annual reader’s picture show. Robert is an expert blogger and photographer – an inspiration for a hack like me. He liked this one; I do too. Very rich color, good bokeh.

Kentucky Spring Lilies

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