Why we (sometimes) don’t travel

As considered a few days ago, we’ve had to cancel our epic trip to South America and Antarctica next month. It was a tough decision, but countries and excursion operators are reacting quickly to the threat of The Omicron Variant (a good book or movie title, I must say) and making the things we wanted to do and see problematic. We might have ended up with an expensive and long boat ride, and we wanted a lot more than that for our time and money. We were able to retrieve all the funds paid so far for reservations, so that made the decision easier.

We may look at something a bit less ambitious, something within US borders, as a replacement for the January travel. Something tells me that there’s now ALWAYS going to be a next COVID variant, and the world will just have to get used to that. We’re pretty comfortable with the travel risk because we’re fully vaccinated, but the venues we want to visit have to be equally comfortable. And open.

Just another little gift from The Pandemic. Thanks, but no thanks.

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