Cabo pics from the X-S10

THE EXPANSE season six launches tomorrow, 12/10/21! It should be an interstellar holiday.

Sailing on Jupiter (or perhaps Cabo)

I learned a lot about the low-light limitations of shooting in full auto mode with the new camera. The Fuji controls make it so easy to shoot in aperture priority or shutter priority, I’m not sure I’ll need full auto again. Here’s a full auto shot that wasn’t as good as it should have been.

I have a lot of these that are pretty, but not as sharp as I’d like. But I know how to fix that now.

Good and evil, in one glass

The picture below was anew thing we saw – not just a glass bottom boat, but a completely transparent boat. Kinda cool.

Finally, I’m loving the Keep Calm T-shirt below. We saw plenty of pro-Trump junk being sold, but at least this store was more appealing to me.

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