It’s been an interesting day, in the Chinese Curse sense of the term. Countries are shutting down, travel rules are changing daily, and our SA/Antarctica trip is in limbo. All because of the Omicron variant.

I’m actually not too worried about this mutation, because viruses tend to mutate toward greater infectiousness and lesser mortality. Viruses need a host to live, and they mutate in that direction. Omicron is probably more infectious and less dangerous.

But that doesn’t stop governments from over-reacting and making travel impractical. That may happen with our SA destinations for January – we’ve already seen a bit of that, and it will only take a little more rules/regulations/constraints to make our trip impractical.

We’re evaluating day by day right now. Could be no issue, or could be that we’ll get the entire month of January back for something other than a cruise.

Thanks to D. Bowie for the post’s title. Great song.

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