Autumn dropped by for a visit

The temperature dropped about thirty degrees on my second day in KY. It definitely felt like Autumn today. Fortunately, the heat pumps on our new place work just fine. Brisk outside, cozy inside.

Tomorrow I get to see my first UK hoops game while in the state, in quite a while. Not sure where to watch it, but Parlour is reputed to have a strong UK crowd. It’s been a long time since I saw a UK game in a rowdy crowd of fans, and I’m looking forward to it. Go Cats!

On a completely different topic, a movie I saw on the flight here was unexpectedly great. It started slowly, but got better, and better…the last 10-15 minutes were epic. The Good Liar, starring Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren. Highly recommended.

Tonight I’m watching a semi-demented Netflix movie called “The Trip”. It’s Norwegian, dubbed into English and stars Noomi Rapace. It’s a very dark comedy set in a cold, remote Norway forest. Remind me to not buy a wilderness cabin. Not exactly “Chariots of Fire” or “The Way We Were”, but I’ve seen those a few times.

I have managed to get a few shots of nice Fall colors – just a bright tree here and there, maples and ginkos. Pictures to follow.

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