Not a bad day

It’s been a good, satisfying and wide-ranging day today. So far I’ve:

  • Participated on a really interesting panel at an online tech conference, opining about analytics, security, artificial intelligence and machine learning. I managed to avoid embarrassing myself or other panelists.
  • Planted a few trees on the Socal property.
  • Created a new model for our financial planning, looking at some almost-worst-case scenarios.
  • Read a lot of another excellent crime novel set in San Diego by Matt Coyle.
  • Updated the materials for an upcoming tech meeting that I’m organizing and hosting.

When I’m experiencing a day like this, I realize that I’ve spent a lot of time lately being bored. Not really fulfilled or engaged. Need to fix that.

All I need to do to take this day right across the finish line is to get some exercise (beyond lifting a few potted trees). We’ll see.

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