Just another Tuesday

Today is Recall Day in California. Today we find out if Gov Newsom remains in office, and/or if I get more than two votes. Exciting!

Today is also trash pickup day and pool cleaning day. Both equally exciting.

My first impressions of the Apple Watch, after one day using it, are generally good. I *am* surprised by the level of dependency on / interaction with the watch and my iPhone. To me that seems both a strength and a weakness, compared to other standalone smart watches. Learning what functions are done on the iPhone and what functions are done on the watch, and how to do them, isn’t simple. It’ll take me a while to become expert at it.

In other technology news, a friend of mine has contacted me to participate in a new project involving OneWeb’s LEO (low earth orbit) broadband-delivering satellites and a new electronically steered phased array receiver. It sounds interesting, and the applications are compelling. Add to that another quantum encryption project and it looks like my 2022 consulting opportunities will be good. It’s nice to have a tight labor market so that no one blinks an eye at having a “seasoned” engineer work on their projects – they’re happy to find anyone.

In other other technology news, Apple has some big product announcements today. Given that I bought the series 6 watch just yesterday, I’m fully expecting the series 7 to make mine undesirable and obsolete.

Finally, this is a spectacularly bad idea. Didn’t anyone watch the movie?

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