Trivia and bad bosses

It’s Ryder Cup weekend! The golf event that’s perfectly designed for TV, played this year at Whistling Straights in Wisconsin. Great to see.

Our mini heat wave is over. Two prior days above 100 degrees, but today it’s CA cool. I plan to take advantage of the nice weather and get outside for some long walks. That’ll help offset the golf-watching lazies.

Lots of press lately on Trump’s hold on the GOP and the preparation he and his henchmen are making for the 2024 election. I have to admit, I haven’t given Trump much chance of running again in 2024 due to age and health, but…stranger things have happened. I don’t think our country would survive another four years of Trump’s assault on democracy from the Presidential seat. So until that election gets a lot closer I’ll hold on to my belief that he’ll have to opt out.

This is very cool. There are a lot more undersea communication cables than I thought. We’ve wired the world.

Mother Jones is running a series on Bad Bosses. There are some good stories in there, but I have some Bad Boss stories that are very competitive. For example:

  • My first post-college boss recruited me relentlessly to attend his church. In private chats, he told me he was worried about my soul.
  • My second post-college boss invited me to a bachelor’s party for one of my co-workers. I attended but was horrified when I realized that my boss had hired a hooker and was encouraging attendees to “head upstairs and have some fun”. I declined.
  • At another company, I saw my boss’s boss throw a chair during a meeting. It turned out to be a pretty tense meeting.
  • My last actual big-company boss was an egomaniacal jerk. Early in our relationship he recommended his wife as a coach to help me lose weight (I didn’t ask; he just thought I might need some help on that front). Another time he contacted me at 9pm one night and told me to construct a Spotify playlist for him to use during his entrance to a big company meeting the next morning – it needed to be ready at 7am and be “upbeat” (one of the more irritating/insulting requests in my 35+ year career). And the time (the only time) we played golf together and he played loud music from the golf cart the entire round. I really disliked that guy, but he did me the favor of being such an intolerable asshat that I decided to retire a couple of years ahead of plans. I’m glad I did.

Uggh. Just remembering those guys puts me in a foul mood. Back to golf…