Vote for me

The infernally stupid California governor’s recall election comes to a close later this week, hopefully with the current Governor allowed to stay in office with just a little less money to spend (it’ll cost about $276M to hold the election.) That’s $276M that we won’t get to spend on roads, healthcare, education, clean water, etc.

The law that allows these recalls to happen need to change. Current law allows 12% of voters (by collected signature) to demand that 100% of us pay for a recall. Newsom received 62% of the votes during the last official election, so it’s not like the election was even close. But in what is now true American democratic style, the minority (12%) rules over the majority (62%). It’s insane and a tragic waste of time and money.

On a lighter note the recall ballot asks two questions. First, should we recall the current Governor? And second, if the Governor *is* recalled (with a majority voting Yes), then who does your vote go to?

There’s a long list of politicians, celebrities, gadflies, charlatans, and nut cases who have officially filed to be the next CA Governor. And then there’s a spot for a write-in vote. I am happy to announce that I have received two official votes for CA Governor (my own and my wife’s). That’s one bucket list item I never expected to check off, but…it’s a strange world. So feel free to vote for me just in case, and if I become Gov the first thing I’ll do is change the idiotic recall laws. And move the CA capital to Fallbrook, because I don’t want to live in Sacramento.