In a recent post I mentioned that I like Chuck Wendig’s blog, Terrible Minds. So I decided I would probably like his books, and I started with his most recent, Wanderers. And holy shit, what a book. I’m only a third of the way through it and I love it.

A third of the way through isn’t a small sample. Wendig’s book is 800 pages long and 280,000 words. And he wrote it in six months! That makes me feel…inadequate. Lazy. Underachieving. So thanks, Chuck.

Wanderers is about a plague infecting the world during a Presidential election between a normal, rational President and a crazy-evil candidate. He wrote it in 2019. Prophecy much, Chuck?

So a lot of today will be spent soaking up Wendig’s book, instead of being outside in the sun or writing my own puny book. But it’s OK. Reading a good book, maybe a great one (jury’s still out; I’ll let you know) makes me happy. And these days a happy day is worth a lot.

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