A winter day in Fallbrook

I took a walk yesterday with the Fuji camera and the new 135mm prime lens. I only came away with 2-3 pictures I liked much. Combination of bad light and still learning with the lens. I find that my closeup vision isn’t as sharp as it once was, so focusing a shot with delicate depth of field isn’t easy.

But here’s a nice, very detailed macro-ish shot. The detail on the sycamore ball is pretty great. Shot from about 10-12 feet away, ISO 640 at 1/2000 second. And I like the bokeh.

And here’s a still life of grapevines in winter. Nice colors, in spite of the sun being high and in front of me. This one’s at ISO 3200 and 1/2000.

Sooner or later I’ll graduate to wildlife shots and some portraiture with this lens. I do enjoy shooting on manual again. Shooting full auto for so many years, you don’t really think about the shot the way you do in manual mode. I’m more in the moment this way.

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