New Year’s Day in Socal

We took a quick trip to the top of Mt. Palomar today hoping to see some snow. Turns out we had the same idea as a whole lot of other folks. The picture below shows the road up the hill at about 5000 feet elevation. Nice sharp photo, given that it was an iPhone held out of a slowly moving vehicle. The temperature up there today was about 48 degrees, as opposed to 70 degrees at sea level.

We saw a lot of San Diegans enjoying a rare touch of snow. This next shot shows some hard-core cyclists and the observatory.

We also saw a big hawk catch something for lunch and sit atop a pole to enjoy shredding it – maybe a mouse or a mole. Only when I got home and processed the picture did I realize I had caught two hawks in the same frame. Taken with the Fuji 50-230 zoom at f/8.

All in all, a nice little NY Day outing for Kathryn and me.

While I’m posting pictures, here’s one of the sunset we had on Dec 27. No color enhancement at all, just cropped. Not bad.

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