Holiday pictures

Been busy this morning importing a lot of pictures from phones, cameras, and text messages. Turns out we have a lot of great ones. First up, the featured image above – this was our sunset on Christmas Eve. It’s beautiful yet forbidding. Can’t tell if it’s Fallbrook or Mordor.

Next up is Emily sitting behind the wheel of her new car for the first time. This is the canonical New Car Smile.

Then we have Jessamine, maybe the easiest photo subject ever. He always smiles, he always looks like a little happy and wise Buddha. Here he is in his first cold snowy day.

Then there’s grandson Hudson, experiencing his first-ever ice skating adventure. I wonder if he knows that the mask is a 2020-only artifact? (At least I hope it’s 2020-only!)

Finally, a nice shot of our new favorite evening spot. We bought a fancy heater so that we could sit outside and visit with a person or two, and Kathryn added some lights. It’s turned out quite nicely, I think.

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